Evolution™ Variable-Speed Air Conditioner

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Manufacturer’s Stated Benefits:

Front-seating service valves
Inverter control drives compressor and fan motor
No control module attached to fan motor
Evolution intelligence monitors critical system parameters
Pressure equalizer valve for easy compressor starting
High pressure switch
Suction pressure transducer
Compressor discharge temperature sensor
Suction temperature sensor
Filter drier (field installed)
Internal crankcase heater standard
Solid, Durable sheet metal construction
Steel louver coil guard
Baked-on, complete outer coverage, powder paint


Model Family: 189BNV
Efficiency SEER: Up to 19 SEER
Efficiency EER: Up to 13 EER
Energy Star Rated: ENERGY STAR®
Sound Level: As low as 56 dBA
Refrigerant Type: Puron®
Compressor: Variable speed compressor operates at 5 stages with capacity range from as wide as 25-100%
Factory Warranty Parts: 10-year parts limited warranty upon timely registration
Factory Warranty Compressor: 10-year limited warranty

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